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  • Rugby Rumble

    Description: Fun game of Rugby branded for Disney's CarsII

    Platform /Technology: Flash, Flex

  • Milo Cricket

    Description: Extremely addictive game of cricket for the browser platform

    Platform /Technology: Flash, Flex

  • Cricket Empire

    Description: One of the first social games on cricket

    Platform /Technology: Facebook, iOS, Android, Flash, PHP

  • Trash Buster

    Description: Creating social awareness through this fun game

    Platform /Technology: iOS / Android

  • Vinashi

    Description: World's first Indian themed Strategy MMO

    Platform /Technology: HTML5, PHP, iOS, Android, Facebook

  • Kitemania

    Description: One of a kind word game where vocabulary meets dexterity

    Platform /Technology: iOS, Android, Flash

  • Slam Six

    Description: An arcade styled cricket game for smartphones

    Platform /Technology: iOS, Android