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Founded in 2004, Maharaja Games is a boutique game development studio creating high quality gaming and multimedia content for international publishers and developers. We are a multi-platform developer, developing games on Flash, Facebook, iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. We cater to largely western publishers and media houses, developing single-player, multi-player and ,massively multi-player online games for the mainstream gaming demographic.

Maharaja Games is registered as Intel's Software Partner and has access to tools and resources that enable us to take advantage of the latest Interl platforms and technologies during all phases of game development and testing.

Memberships and Affiliations

intel, international game developers and casual games association member


Our development studio located in the heart of Mumbai, India's entertainment hub lends us access to the best talent in the industry.

Our multi-talented team of superlative designers, artists, animators, programmers and testers have decades of collective experience in the industry. Coming from different backgrounds with experience of working on out-sourced projects for Disney, Marvel, international graphic novels and podcasting software, our superheroes bring a unique mix to game development team.

Development Philisophy

While games are a form of art, game development is a kind of software development(at least Maharaja Games treats it that way.) Over the years we have refined our development and production methods and processes in a manner robust enough to create nifty games on budget an on time. The best practices we've developed so far in creating gaming content on Flash, today give us a definitive edge in the industry. We loudly believe that if more companies treat game development process as a science, the industry would see more successful games that are hit amongst gamers and lend financial stability to the industy as a whole.

The pie-chat below gives an indication of the typical development schedule that we follow at Maharaja Games.

Game development phases - prototypes, technical briefs, manpower allocation, design specs, testing and delivery.