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Maharaja Games offer a wide variety of services to suit your game development needs. We develop complete titles in a turnkey fashion from concept to release, as well as offer individual services required at various stages of game development.


Primary Services

Digital Artwork
Storyboarding Character Design Layout Design UI Design
Rich art asset development for character, background and UI in games
Character Animation Rich Flash UI animation an in-game special effects
App development on iOS, Android and Facebook using native framework, cross platform middleware, and technologies such as Flash, Flex, PHP, HTML, Java, etc
Turnkey testing on various hardware/software platforms as per industry standard practices


Promo Artwork
Book Illustration
Web / Portal Services
Artwork Promo Posters (and related material) Web Banners
Book cover illustration Children's book illustrations Coloring book illustrations Comic book illustrations
Custom database engine CMS module development Shopping cart
Search Engine Optimization.